Umpqua River Fishing Guide

Umpqua River Steelhead Fishing is something you have to experience to believe, there are more 20 pound steelhead caught on the Umpqua River than any other steelhead river on the West Coast. If you want to be part of the elite 20 pound club book an Umpqua River Fishing Trip with top rated guide Mario Gomez from Ironhead Guide Service.

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The Umpqua River fishing is something very special to pro guide Mario Gomez from Ironhead Guide Service. Umpqua River steelhead fishing opened my eyes to the world of guiding. The first time I visited the Umpqua River I experienced techniques and a way things were done that I have never seen on the Klamath River. I have been fishing from drift boats my whole life and had been guiding for 5 years before my first Umpqua fishing trip. The Umpqua River fishing guides had things figured out and I knew one day I wanted to become an Umpqua fishing guide. That Umpqua River fishing trip was in 2010 and I have been an Umpqua fishing guide ever since.

The Umpqua River system consists of the South Umpqua, North Umpqua and Main Umpqua Rivers, located near Roseburg, Oregon. The Umpqua River enters the Pacific Ocean at Winchester Bay. Along the way, dense forests accent the landscape with intense reds and yellows during the fall, and rich greens during the spring. Some of the finest steelhead fishing in Oregon is in the Land of Umpqua River and Ironhead Guide Service spends January through April pursuing the monster steelhead that call the Umpqua River home. There is opportunity for good fishing year round on the Umpqua Rivers, and each fork of the Umpqua River System provides great opportunities for salmon and steelhead fishing.

The Umpqua River spring salmon (Springers) are a treat, however the robust population of large Umpqua River winter steelhead really make for some good times. Great fighting Umpqua River spring salmon typically arrive from April through June. Umpqua River spring salmon are challenging to catch and to catch a limit of two is a rare day. Umpqua River spring salmon are Umpqua River Fishing Guide Mario Gomez’s favorite fish to eat, they are hands down the best table fair you will catch on a river. Spring Salmon take patience to catch, but are well worth the time and energy. Fall Umpqua River salmon fishing typically is good from September through October. These Umpqua River salmon are some of the most aggressive Chinook Ironhead Guide Service fish’s for. Action is good, weather is good, shorts, sunglasses, tee shirts and a good time. Catching big Umpqua River salmon in great weather is kind of hard to beat.

Umpqua River Steelhead Fishing

While Umpqua River Fishing you are allowed to keep two hatchery steelhead a day and must release all native Umpqua River steelhead. With 10,000-30,000 Umpqua River steelhead expected to return each year, this river is defiantly one to hit. Umpqua fishing guide Mario Gomez from Ironhead Guide Service can’t hardly wait to move fish camp to Roseburg, OR every year for Umpqua River steelhead season. Every year fish over 20 pounds get caught during the Umpqua River steelhead season.

Umpqua River fishing is known for good numbers of large native winter steelhead, however, catching a hatchery fish can be very difficult. The Umpqua River winter steelhead season gets under way in the middle of December below Elkton. Umpqua river steelhead populate the main Umpqua River in good numbers after the first of the year, but the bulk of the run typically doesn’t arrive until mid-February. Peak Umpqua river fishing usually occurs later winter, often in February or March, when fish can be found anywhere in the in the Umpqua River system. This steelhead season is very popular so Umpqua fishing guide Mario Gomez of Ironhead Guide Service recommends booking you trip early.

Umpqua River Salmon

The North Umpqua River has salmon, steelhead, and trout in it all year round. The North Umpqua River originates near Diamond Lake in the High Cascade Mountains. The North Umpqua River east of Roseburg is internationally recognized for its fishing opportunities. The largest winter steelhead caught each year are usually caught on the North Umpqua River. During the Umpqua River winter steelhead season the green water, big rapids, ledge rocks and willows make this river an ideal steelhead hangout. These wild Umpqua River steelhead can run extremely large and offer a great angling thrill, and fight but not dinner. Pound for pound these monster Umpqua River steelhead are the hardest fighting steelhead professional guide Mario Gomez from Ironhead Guide Service pursues.

The South Umpqua River has an excellent hatchery program. Canyonville, Oregon is where the Steelhead Hatchery acclimation point is located. When we’re looking for Umpqua River steelhead to take home this is the destination. Often the Umpqua river fishing on the South is good and getting a limit of Umpqua River hatchery steelhead is likely. The South Umpqua River can be good for hatchery winter steelhead and usually comes into shape ahead of the main river. If Ironhead Guide Service has customers that have the desire to take a fish home this is the spot Mario fishes. In better years, anglers retain over 1,000 fin-clipped Umpqua River steelhead from this river. Please come and share an Umpqua river fishing adventure with pro guide Mario Gomez from Ironhead Guide Service and you will see why thousands of anglers from California and Oregon make an annual appearance during the Umpqua steelhead season.


1 or 2 people $500 a day + gratuity


  • Heated Willie drift boat
  • Licensed, insured, professional guide
  • Rods, reels, tackle, and bait (conventional fishing)
  • Cooler for drinks and lunch
  • Fish processing


  • California or Oregon fishing license and tags (printed in possession)
  • Food and drinks for the day
  • Appropriate clothing (rain gear)
  • Cooler for fish in your vehicle

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